Chant Aum with Singing bowl

Singing bowls can be your best companion for chanting Aum/Om, Mantras or even songs. For centuries these magnificent instruments of vibration have been in use for various purpose such as, meditation, healing physcial ailments, treating mental disorders, begging, sacrificial utensil (Himalaya Shamanism and Bon Culture) and also for cooking and eating.

We can go on discussing endlessly about their origin, making, uses and influences.
I have written a post on “How to Chant Aum” in detail, and now wish to explain how introducing a singing bowl to the process has great benefits such as, relaxation, rejuvenating the body and improving concentration to name a few. This is discussed in greater detail below. If you would like to learn the technique for chanting Aum, you can clink How to Chant Aum 

You can also check my youtube video for a quick guide to chanting Aum using singing bowl…