Sound Healing Nepal offers Sound healing and therapy courses in Nepal steeped in
traditional methods gaining a complete understanding of frequencies, tones, and
different vibrational methodologies.

These techniques are being used by modern therapists and contemporary healers around the world.

The courses are designed specifically based on your nature, interests and needs and are taught individually.  While there is not a fixed syllabus, all courses will primarily focus on the awakening of estoteric healing through sounds.

We use external stimulation of vibration originating from nature’s sounds.

Utilizing mantras and sound emanating from singing bowls, bells, tingsha, drums and gongs, etc.

My goal with our time together is not to produce singing bowls players, but to awaken the sleeping healer in you. Come and experience the most ancient yoga of

sound, known as Nāda yoga. You will learn how to heal yourself and start your new journey as a healer.

Group workshops

(Not available in Nepal )

3  day  Self healing                                          15 – 18 Hours

5  day  Self healing                                          20 – 30  Hours

Individual Course

7   day Healer Course                                     35 – 40 Hours

10 day  Intermediate healer course               50 – 60 Hours

15 day Advanced healer course                     75 – 90 Hours

15 day Nāda yogi course                                75 – 90 Hours

(prerequisite – Advanced healer course)

Who is encouraged to apply

If you believe in intense learning, kindly do not apply.

The courses offered are not for those who just want to learn how to strike singing bowls, for that, you can simply watch some youtube videos or just enter a tourist shop and be taught how to be a master in 30 minutes.  You don’t even have to travel to Nepal for that I am sure there are plenty of shops in your country claiming to get their bowls straight from Tibet, perhaps from an enlightened Lama. If you are in hurry and want to learn everything in a day or two, it’s no use to write to me.If you want to learn magic, I am not the person. If you want to learn exaggerated shamanic rituals, I am not the person.

The courses that I teach are solely for those who believe in slow and detailed learning process.  It isfor those who want to get into the depth of this ancient art of healing and cultivate compassion in the core. It is for those who want to get into the vastness of this discipline. If you come with questions, curiosity and scepticism, I will be more than happy to share whatever little knowledge I have gathered so far. If you are an absolute beginner and have no knowledge about sound, frequencies, sound healing, spirituality, music, mantras etc., you are most welcome. If you have any learning disabilities, psychological disturbances or going through a very tough time in your life, you are most welcome. I will approach you the way you would like me to, the way I will feel that suits you, from my experience, and we will walk slowly together with lots of laughter.

Write to me if you have always believed and known that you are a very special, compassionate person who wants to heal yourself and assist others in their healings.

Together we will awaken the sleeping healer in you.

Lots of Love


Sound Healing Nepal is a movement, initiated by Anup Panthi, with a motive to bring wellness to people’s life with the help of sound and vibration.

If you have any questions or require further any details kindly send your inquiry to : or