Sound Healing Nepal offers Sound healing and therapy course in Nepal steeped in traditional
methods but here you will also gain a complete understanding of
frequencies, tones and different vibrational methodologies.
These techniques are being used by modern therapists and contemporary healers around the world.
The courses are arranged in a one to one discipline.
We don’t follow a fixed syllabus, the courses
are specifically modified depending on your nature, needs and interests. The course
primarily focuses on the awakening of esoteric healing through sounds.
We use external stimulation of vibration originating from nature’s sounds.
Utilizing mantras and sound emanating from singing bowls, bells, tingsha, drum and
gongs, etc.
My goal with our time together is not to produce singing bowls players, but to awaken the
sleeping healer in you. Come and experience the most ancient yoga of
sound, known as Nāda yoga. You will learn how to heal yourself and start your new journey
as a healer. 

Groups workshop only (Not available in Nepal )

1  day  Self healing                                          5-6 Hours

3  day  Self healing                                         15-18 Hours


Individual Course

7   day Healer Course                                    35-40 Hours

10 day  Intermediate healer course         50-60 Hours

15 day Advanced healer course                  75 – 90 Hours

15 day Nāda yogi course                                75 – 90 Hours

(prerequisite – Advanced healer course )


Sound Healing Nepal is a movement, initiated by Anup Panthi, with a motive to bring wellness to people’s life with the help of sound and vibration. 
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