What is Sound Healing ?

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Many people have been asking me about sound healing. What is it? How does it work? When did it all start? Because of these questions, I thought of sharing my experience with you all today.

Every entity in the existence dances with a rhythm, sound, vibration or frequency. All these terms denote the same thing. I am using the term “rhythm,” because it is analogous to rhyme and Hridaya, which is a Sanskrit term for heart. It signifies an accomplished cycle that repeats continuously. Stars, planets, mountains, rivers, human, animals, cells, atoms, electrons: everything has a rhythm.

So, when these entities meet or come near each other, certain things may happen. They might cancel each other out if they are totally out of tune, or they may form a new rhythm by cancelling out certain parts which they are not in tune with.

Sound healing nepal
From atoms to Galaxies everything dances

As last example is that they may form a richer and more dynamic rhythm if they are completely in tune with each other.

Our body has trillions of cells, each having their own particular rhythm. These cells combine to form tissue, and tissues combine to form organ. This means that our body is nothing but a mixture of cells, tissues, organs, and minerals. Elements are constantly coming together and forming richer and more dynamic orchestral medley. This medley is what we call “Aura,” vibe, and so on.

You must have realized that when you meet someone new or go to a new place, you start liking that person or place for no reason. Sometimes the opposite happens. This is because your rhythm is either in tune with that person or place, or it simply isn’t.

To understand sound healing, we need to understand healing and cure. I think this is where most confusion occurs. Cure means you are focusing to achieve attunement in a particular body part, whereas healing is the process of achieving complete attunement between your physical and metaphysical body as a whole. Sound healing is a particular form of healing, which I would like to define as the process of repairing the rhythms and getting rid of incompatible frequencies from your body. These frequencies have been piling up and you have been carrying this unwanted load for long time. This is the main cause of stress, and the sooner you get rid of this, the better.


What is sound healing Anup panthi
Do not let the child in you die.

This brings us to the following question: how do you repair and get rid of those incompatible frequencies? I want you to remember this: the best sound healing happens in the nature, in the lap of Mother Earth. Go out into nature sit quietly for some time. You don’t’ have to know any meditation or yogic techniques, you can simply sit or lie down. To ground yourself in the earth, it is best to walk barefoot if possible. By being in nature and grounding yourself, you are able to take energy and dump the unwanted energy (frequencies) back to earth.

We all know that child-like personality that craves to go out and dance in the rain… that is what your inner self is waiting for. So, go out into nature: mountains, rivers, oceans, deserts, anything! Don’t hesitate to swim in a lake, go for a small hike or play with kids.

This is all I have to say about real sound healing, everything else is secondary.

If I was of any help, I would consider myself lucky, and if you have any questions please ask them.

Sing and dance..

Thank you.

I have uploaded a video on Sound healing please watch it and let me know what you all think of it …

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