A beautiful Realm of vibration

The word for "sound" in Vedas is "Naad". However, "sound" is too simplistic of a translation because naad also indicates something more, beyond mere sound and vibration. Just as visible colours are only a small fraction of the light spectrum (the rest of which remains invisible to the human eye), similary naad is something more than what can be heard, uttered, or defined in terms of frequency, pitch, or sound..

Human vocal chords have the amazing ability of producing a wide range of sounds. In comparison, very few musical instruments can even produce two sounds from a same string, note, or key. Therefore, if we wanted to produce sounds of different pitches, we would have to alter the physicality of the instrument, which may demand more strings, more air space, or more keys depending on the nature of the instrument...

A gentle thud from a hand-made singing bowl produces a wide spectrum of audible and inaudbile vibrations, which can be assigned to many notes, frequnecies, pitches, and tones. In order to reproduce this sound with instruments, we would have to play several octaves and tri-tones at the same time. The same thud also produces different dynamic frequencies and a wide range of audible and inaudbile sounds. But that's not all of it, something very mystical, unusual and beyond logical ...



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    can you please let me know the origin of the sound bowls and form where i can get these hand made ones.
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